Our vision is to be a highly successful deli franchise, providing fresh traditional Vietnamese cuisine to the world.



Our mission is to incorporate freshness, convenience and nutrition into our sandwiches, whilst maintaining the highest quality products and service across all of our stores in Vietnam.



Team work: it is very important. We want to ensure an excellent working environment in order to continue providing the highest quality products and service.

Proactive and optimistic: we strive to be proactive and optimistic to overcome any issues that occur. This attitude helps our customers feel valued and enjoy there experience with us.

Innovation: we are always looking for innovative ways to improve. We want to incorporate new technology to produce more exciting elements into our sandwiches. This method also encourages our staff to be pro-active and positive in their working environment.



Our bakers attent to detail in order to give good products to customers. Main ingredients include grilled pork, chicken, ham…are through rigorous selection process to have the best taste.


Other vegetable ingredients what make topping such as onion, cilantro…come from quality suppliers to ensure food safety standards.